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What happens if I am not happy with your lease?

If you’re not happy with your lease, we’ll work with you to resolve your issue

We’ll issue a refund for items that fall under these categories

→Furniture is damaged upon arrival

→Item isn’t as it was described in the listing description. 

What’s next?

If you need to submit a dispute request, make sure to:

  1. Gather evidence: Document issues with photos or videos
  2. Contact us: Get in touch within 24 hours of having an issue. Lessees have 24 hours to submit a dispute request for returns.
  3. Stay in touch: We’ll reach out with next steps specific to you.

Furniture we accept

Is my furniture eligible to be listed on Roomii?

All furniture must meet Roomii’s list of universal requirements. They must also meet specific requirements set for the US. Certain furniture types can’t be listed on our platform. Roomii reserves the right to modify its eligibility requirements at any time for any reason. Get more information about how to list your vehicle. 

The following furniture is not eligible for Roomii.  Ineligible furniture includes Sex furniture.

Universal requirements for listing furniture on Roomii

To list furniture in Roomii, you must:

  • List only eligible furniture that you own or to an owner who’s authorized you to list
  • List only furniture that is located in Chicago, IL.
  • Maintain your furniture and continue to meet our safety standards as your furniture ages.

Furniture listing requirements

Besides meeting the universal requirements listed above, your furniture must:

  • Be no more than 3 years old
  • Be in “New”, “Like New”, or “Very Good” conditions.
    • New – Just like it sounds. Brand-new furniture. The original manufacturer’s warranty, if any, still applies, with warranty details included in the listing comments. Original packaging is present for most New items but certain items may be re-boxed.
    • Pre-owned Like New – The item is in mint condition, free of defects, all functions of the furniture piece work, and the furniture piece shows no signs of wear.
    • Pre-owned Good – The item is gently used but may have one or few minor flaws or blemishes, yet still functional.

Roomii location availability

Roomii is currently available in the following cities: Chicago. Check where we deliver to in Chicago here

Earnings and payments

How much will I make as a Roomii Owner?

What you’ll earn as a furniture owner depends on several factors. The age of the furniture and the condition of the furniture impacts how much you earn. See furniture listing requirements.

How do I get paid? 

Getting paid via Stripe

All furniture owners will have to set up their Stripe accounts for payouts at registration. Stripe stores your payout account information securely; Roomii doesn’t have access to it. And it’s Stripel, not Roomii, that verifies and establishes your payout account.

When will I get paid? 

For all leases, we initiate payment three business days after the lease ends. Once we issue payment, your bank will take additional three-five business days to verify and process the payment as a direct deposit.

Where can I see my earnings?

To see your earnings, log onto Navigate to the “My Account” tab located under the user profile icon. Click on “My Account” and then click on “My Leases”.


Owner fees


If you disregard Roomii policies, we’ll charge you a violation fee. If you cancel a lease or fail to be home for us to pick up your furniture, Roomii will charge you a cancellation fee.

  • Frivolous (non-covered) damage claims: (the US and Canada) If you file a claim that’s invalid or illegitimate, we’ll charge you a $25* fee.
  • Gray market policy violation: If you accept payment outside of Roomii for charges meant to be handled via the platform, we will charge you a $150 processing fee plus liquidated damages of $5,500* as per our Terms of service.
  • Owner no-show: If you fail to be available at the time you scheduled for us to pick up your furniture, Roomii will charge you a $150* fee.
  • Material misrepresentation: If you submit false or misleading information for a claim or reimbursement, Roomii will charge you a minimum of $200* up to a maximum of $2,000*.
  • Furniture misrepresentation – If you fail to disclose furniture issues or damage, improperly describe or display your furniture, or commit other acts of misrepresentation, we’ll charge you $100* per violation.


Renter fees

You may be charged a penalty fee if you disregard Roomii guidelines or violate policies. Roomii may also charge a processing fee for some actions. If you cancel a lease outside the free cancellation period or fail to be home when we deliver your furniture, Roomii will charge you a cancellation fee. See a summary of renter fees below and open the links for further details.

  • Claims processing fee: If you or your renter file a furniture damage claim and have Roomii handle it, we’ll charge you a claims processing fee. There are no fees if you and your renter resolve the claim independently.
    • Up to $100 for minor to moderate furniture damage and up to $575 for severe furniture damage, in addition to appraisal costs of up to $75.
  • Cleaning policy violation: The Furniture Owner pays to have the furniture cleaned before receiving the furniture and at the end of the lease. A “multiple” cleaning fee can be charged for any combination of cleaning, smoking, and/or pet hair issues.
  • Gray market policy violation: If you make a payment outside of Roomii for charges meant to be handled via the platform, we’ll charge you a $150 processing fee plus liquidated damages of $5,500* as per our Terms of Service.
  • Lease cancelation fee (outside of the free period): If your lease is less than 1 week long, we’ll charge you 50% of one month’s average lease cost + 50% of any delivery fee. If your lease is 2 weeks or longer, we’ll charge you one month’s average lease cost + 50% of any delivery fee.
  • Pet policy violation: If you return a furniture piece with an excessive amount of pet hair, Roomii can charge you a pet cleaning fee of $150*.
  • No smoking policy violation: Neither you nor your guests may smoke in an environment from furniture listed on Roomii. Penalties range from a $50* fee to removal from the platform.